DTH Sense-Aire Mk.2

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Building on the success of the original award winning DTH Sense-Aire, the DTH Sense-Aire Mk.2 Temperature and Relative Humidity meter is the latest version. It is a feature rich device designed to be easily configurable and low cost to suit the needs of most applications.


The DTH Sense-Aire Mk.2 is a completely new design and has been designed to be low cost and robust. It uses the latest in semiconductor technology and features a highly accurate, factory calibrated sensor with a very fast response time. The unit has a unique LED based display to display the relevant data. Unlike LCD displays, the LED display is viewable from a large distance. This feature was the most popular feature of the original DTH, especially in laboratory environments.


Just some of the potential applications for the DTH Mk 2 include:

  • Greenhouses
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • HVAC
  • Pharmaceuticals

The Device

The DTH Mk 2 is a highly customisable device that is programmable through USB and an easy to use windows application (terminal based version in the near future). It features a number of different options:

  • Fully configurable high visibility LED display, alternating between configured readings
  • Two completely configurable powered 4-20mA current loop outputs (configurable between 0 and 24mA)
  • Two general purpose LEDs that can be configured for a number of different uses, including threshold and window alarms on any of the variables
  • Two general purpose open-drain MOSFET outputs that can also be configured for a number of different uses and simple control (up to 40V at 2A)
  • Addressable RS-485
  • Two different power supply options: mains power or externally powered by a 9-28V DC supply
  • Custom sensor probe lengths are available on request
  • Wall mountable IP65 housing

Configuration Utility Software
The configuration software has been designed to allow the user to easily configure the DTH to his/her requirements. It provides easy and intuitive control over the different aspects of the DTH. It also provides descriptions of each of the various fields.

Download the latest version of the application here.

DTH Sense Aire Mk2

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